GitHub-flavored CommonMark extensions C library

cmark-gfm is an extended version of cmark, the reference implementation of
CommonMark parsing and rendering C library. In addition to libcmark,
libcmark-gfm provides extensions management support. The GitHub Flavored
Markdown extensions themselves are provided by libcmark-gfm-extensions.

This package contains the original libcmark-gfm-extensions library source code
overlaid with the build2-based build system and packaged for the build2
package manager (bpkg).... More
license BSD-2-Clause AND MIT
project cmark-gfm
topics CCommonMarkMarkdowndocumentation generation
1 Version
version 0.29.0-a.4 (0.29.0.gfm.3)
priority security
depends 1; libcmark-gfm