Qt compilers (moc, rcc, uic) build system module for build2

Qt compilers (moc, rcc, uic) build system module for build2.

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This module is part of the standard pre-installed build2 modules and no extra integration steps are required other than the using directive in your buildfile.

For development build instructions see libbuild2-hello/README. Note that the tests require a host configuration (for the Qt compilers) and the explicit specification of the Qt version to use (currently 5 or 6). For example:

bdep init --empty

bdep config create @host ../libbuild2-qt-build/host/ --type host cc config.cxx=g++
bdep config create @module ../libbuild2-qt-build/module/ --type build2 cc config.config.load=~build2
bdep config create @target ../libbuild2-qt-build/target/ cc config.cxx=g++

bdep init @module -d libbuild2-qt/
bdep init @target -d libbuild2-qt-tests/ config.libbuild2_qt_tests.qt=6
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license MIT
project build2
1 Version
version 0.1.0-a.0.20240607094631.4888166e41d3
depends 0