Autoconf emulation build system module for build2

GNU Autoconf emulation build system module for build2.

Specifically, this module provides an in-based rule for processing files. Besides the Autoconf special line flavor (#undef), it also supports the CMake (#cmakedefine, #cmakedefine01) and Meson (#mesondefine) variants. Note that the CMake ${VAR} style substitutions are not supported, only the @VAR@ style.

Similar to Autoconf, this module provides built-in support for a number of common HAVE_* configuration options. However, the values of these options are not discovered by dynamic probing, such as trying to compile a test program to check if the feature is present. Instead, they are set to static expected values based on the platform/compiler macro checks (see note at the beginning of Project Configuration for rationale).

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license MIT
project build2
1 Version
version 0.3.0
depends 0