The Kconfig version of "Hello World" example program

The Kconfig version of the "Hello World" example program. Its aim is to demonstrate the key features of Kconfig-based configuration management and show how to integrate it into build2 projects. For more information on Kconfig and its support in build2 see The build2 Kconfig Module.

Note that this project defaults to a configuration with default values from the Kconfig file. To create a custom configuration you will need to request one of the interactive configuration methods explicitly. For example:

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version 0.3.0
license GPL-2.0-only
repository https://stage.build2.org/1
download kconfig-hello-0.3.0.tar.gz
sha256 107d7bc27acb34a70cd22b5453c4b189b976450b36b4fc50d35bf78a14fe32b4
project build2
url github.com/build2/libbuild2-kconfig