46 Packages
name libxerces-c
summary Validating XML parsing and serialization C++ library
license Apache-2.0
depends 2; libicuuc, libicui18n
name odb
summary ODB compiler
license GPL-3.0-only
depends 2; libstudxml, libcutl
requires 1; c++11
name build2
summary build2 build system
license MIT
depends 2; libbutl, libpkgconf
requires 2; c++14, ?cli
name libmariadb
summary MariaDB C API client library
license LGPLv2.1
depends 1; libz
name libmysqlclient
summary MySQL C API client library
license GPLv2 with Universal FOSS Exception
depends 3; libz, libcrypto, libssl
name libpq
summary PostgreSQL C API client library
license PostgreSQL License
depends 2; libcrypto, libssl
name libstudxml
summary Streaming XML pull parser/serializer for modern C++
license MIT
depends 0
requires 1; c++11
name libcutl
summary C++ utility library for compilers
license MIT
depends 0
requires 1; c++11
name cli
summary Command line interface (CLI) compiler for C++
license MIT
depends 1; libcutl
requires 1; c++14
name libapr1
summary Apache Portable Runtime C library
license ASLv2
depends 0
name libca-certificates-curl
summary CA certificate bundle and C library for querying its path
license MPL-2.0
depends 0
name libcmark-gfm
summary GitHub-flavored CommonMark parsing and rendering C library
license BSD2
depends 0
name libcmark-gfm-extensions
summary GitHub-flavored CommonMark extensions C library
license BSD2
depends 1; libcmark-gfm
name libcrypto
summary C library providing general cryptography and X.509 support
license OpenSSL
depends 1; libz
name libcurl
summary C library for transferring data with URLs
license curl
depends 3; libz, libcrypto, libssl
name libicuuc
summary ICU basic internationalization C/C++ library
license Unicode-DFS-2016 AND BSD-3-Clause AND BSD-2-Clause
depends 0
name libpkgconf
summary C library for retriving pkg-config compiler and linker flags
license ISC AND MIT
depends 0
name libsqlite3
summary SQL database engine as an in-process C library
license blessing
depends 0
name libssl
summary C library providing SSLv3 and TLS implementations
license OpenSSL
depends 1; libcrypto
name libz
summary General-purpose lossless data compression C library
license zlib License
depends 0